Emotional adult – PG

Hi Brooke

I just wanted to let you know I’m starting to become an emotional adult and take responsibility for my results. I watched one of the coaching calls from earlier in the month and saw people with their manuals and looking for external comfort or buffers to feel better, I could see how their thinking was causing their suffering. I got myself a 6 week coaching package as well and I had my first coaching call, it was really good and we worked on having self-love as I want to have love for myself and feel worthy.

I used to blame my past, living at home and my parents and make that mean I must be unlovable and I’m not good as others/I need to be better in some way for someone to love me. But now I know that this is just the story I’m tellling myself about my current situation, that none of these things need to change apart from the story I choose to tell myself, I can choose to tell myself that none of these things have and will ever impact on my worthiness and my lovability, that these things have been set in stone and no matter what has happened or will happen, they can never be changed, I will always be 100% lovable and worthy, just because I am and I’m no longer going to question this, I’m going learn to accept this. I know it’s going to be hard and a challenge for me to clean up my thinking and become an emotional adult, but I want to take this class in life as I know it will be worth it, the change and effect I will see in my life for undertaking this work and working on myself will be worth all the effort. Like you say in the podcasts bring it on, I’m ready and I want to take this class no matter how hard it is, the harder the class, the stronger i become and the more I will grow and benefit. This is meant to be hard and I’m ready for the challenge, I won’t give up on myself, this is best gift and way to show just how much love I do have for myself. I’m willing to put in the effort and feel uncomfortable for the benefits I will get in return in the future. I will no longer blame external things or people the way my life is right now, I take full responsibility for this and I will create the life I want for myself now. I used to feel like I didn’t have control as I lived with my parents and they said I couldn’t leave, I used to struggle with the feeling of being trapped or under control but today I had this thought and I felt free – no one can ever control how you think, they can’t see how your thinking like they can’t go instead your head , they can’t know how your thinking so your always free and in control of your own mind, no one can ever take that away from you – that was first time I ever realised despite being a listener for a while to podcasts and it felt soo good to know and acknowledge. I felt soo proud I finally figured out that out on my own

Looking forward to continuing my SCS work, loving on myself and on others and continuing to become a better version of myself. Sending lots of love to you, the other coaches and your team

PG xxx