Emotional Agency


I am seeing how lately I am having high emotions w/o the agency over them. And I’m having my emotions all over my coaches, and all over people.

Whats crazy is that I’ve had much greater emotional agency before in my life and even many times this year.

I’m looking at the bright side by saying to myself that here is what I can work in through scs. This is perfect!

I feel like I’m judging myself very heavily even when I’m trying not to mainly because I feel like a child I feel like I’m just emotional over other people.

C- having emotions out loud
T-I want to have emotional agency
A-do scholars work
R-? More productive outcome, maybe gaining more emotional agency

I’m just Seeing so many models running a lot of them are just unconscious there’s seeming to be many at one time. Could you perhaps give me guidance or direction on this or do you think that this is even the most productive movement forward should I be taking some of the high emotions I feel and doing models on those or thought downloads?

Its hard to see my own behavior and it causes shame.