Emotional Child

Hi Brooke!
I am being such an emotional child this week it’s ridiculous! This is my 5th month in scholars and I feel like it’s my first! Ugh. I know I have made some great strides forward but I’m having a pity party over here. I feel like I don’t want to do anything mentally healthy for myself like run models and stuff and usually I love it. It’s like I’m making the decision to be a brat even though I know it’s not good for me. I still can’t seem to get my scheduling under control and when I sit down to do work I procrastinate and don’t want to do anything. How do I get myself out of this terrible rut? It’s like I know what I have to do to feel better but it’s like my brain keeps telling me you’ll never be successful, you will never have the clientele you want nor will you make the money you want so what’s the point??? It’s like you’ve said before as well..I’m just so sick of myself. Help me get out of this ridiculous rut!!!!