Emotional Childhood and Suzy is amazing!

I want to give a shout out to Suzy! She is amazing and such an asset to this program.

During our session today she referenced emotional childhood in the context of the problem I am working on. So I went and listened to your podcast on it. In the podcast you really relate it to the people in our lives. But mine is not on giving power to people but on my circumstances. So I don’t want to assume that emotional childhood transfers to circumstances if that is not the case. So for instance I give a lot of power to circumstances that make me feel unsafe or uncertain which makes me feel out of control or at that my safety is based on circumstances that can go wrong in the world around me.

Please put his context of emotional childhood vs adulthood.

Example could be- If the car breaks down in 110 degree heat in Phoenix then I might have an anxiety attack. I don’t want to be stuck or put in that position therefore I will stay home and avoid the possible circmstance.

Thank you!