Emotional Childhood worksheet

Hi, I’m working my way through the emotional childhood person worksheet, and there is a person in my life whom I really want to love and accept me. Whenever I perceive he has been disinterested or bored with me or when he doesn’t respond to my messages, I feel rejection, then defensiveness/anger, then shame. I now see how much power I am giving him and how much pressure I am putting on our relationship and that he will never be able to give me what I need – only I can give myself acceptance and love. My actions in response to this is that I try to “act cool” or avoid him, both of which are out of alignment with me and then drive me crazy and then I feel shame. I do not like this thought pattern and want to change it, but I’m really struggling with the thought to replace the “He doesn’t think I’m good enough.” My initial thoughts are “I’m okay” or “I am enough” but I’m not yet in a place where I can accept these – they both trigger anxiety. Do you have any suggestions for some neutral thoughts that I can try for this situation? Thanks so much!