Emotional eating caused by good emotions?

I’ve been doing the 4 hour intermittent fasting window and it’s going pretty well. I’ve been doing it since December 15 and I’m not missing anything or feeling hungry. However, I do find that I really look forward to 4:00pm when it’s time to eat lunch. I’m sitting here today thinking about why I look so forward to it. I know that I have done emotional eating in the past, but I don’t think it’s always “bad” emotions that drive me to eat. For instance, today there is some really exciting stuff going on in my business and this excitement makes me want to jump up to run to the refrigerator. But then I remember that my eating time isn’t here yet. It makes me wonder if my past emotional eating can be driven by excitement. I’m not a depressed or “down” person. Could it be that my emotional eating can be caused by emotions that could be classified as good emotions?