Emotional eating

I’ve successfully un-Pavloved my brain as far as sugar and flour are concerned. I know I don’t desire them anymore. I’ve worked a lot on them, feeling the desire to eat them, letting my mouth fill with saliva on purpose, with curiosity, strolling by bakeries, watching YouTube recipes deliberately. I now couldn’t care less.
But I still overeat from time to time and I know it has nothing to do with the food since I have no desire. The desire really is about buffering, escaping, avoiding my emotions. So what if I un-Pavloved my overeating in the same way, that is to say feel negative emotions like defeat, despair right now, deliberately, and not reach out for anything but my curiosity, sitting with them, locating them in my body, describing them to myself for as long as it takes.
I’m feeling sad and ashamed right now because I had to retake a quiz and worry about an upcoming exam and my future business and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of other opportunities. And I could also revisit some shameful experiences in my past and just allow those emotions to be there so that I learn to manage them by myself, without food, however healthy it is.
What’s your opinion on that?