Emotional empathy and the model (pushing my limits)

I joined Scholars in March and upon trying to close out my coaching package with my in person life coach, I discovered that she had twisted the truth about being terminally ill to the point where she cancelled our last sessions and claimed she was closing down her life Coaching business. Upon first receiving an email from her that she was ill and closing her business, I became grief stricken and sad. Because my emails offering help went un-answered for several weeks, I was sure she was either dead or very very sick. Just yesterday, I received an email from her that she was NOT sick and that she decided to continue and finish our sessions. I was upset and felt manipulated and tricked. How could I have been so fooled? I beat myself up for not applying the model but then I was so distracted by grief and wonder that I just felt pure sadness and mourning. Now I feel nothing but PIST ! How should a person apply the model when caught up in the emotion of grief ? I feel I have every right to be angry.