Emotional to apathetic

I have had great success with applying The Model to my daily life. Rather than often spiraling into emotional childhood and playing the victim like I used to, I have a much better handle on my thoughts and their direct connection to my emotions and actions.

I’m curious – Is it common to move from emotional to apathetic/neutral on the journey to unconditional love or feelings of excitement?

Here’s my specific example. When my in-laws visit, I used to have tons of thoughts that caused me to be anxious, defensive, resentful, angry, etc. Now, with The Model, they visit and I feel a bit apathetic. I’m not annoyed that they are here. I’m not anxious or defensive about the comments that they make. But I am also not excited that they are here. I would like to one day have unconditional love for them, but I am still doing the work. I would also like to one day be excited for their visits, but I don’t feel like I am there either. Do I continue to do thought ladders to get there? Thank you!