Emotions and physical sensations

Hi Brooke

I have a question about emotions and physical sensations. I notice that when I am feeling an emotion, there tend to be physical states that accompany it. When I am feeling very anxious, my brain is fuzzy and I can’t concentrate, and as the day goes on my body starts to ache and I feel exhausted. On the other hand, when I’m feeling encouraged or confident, I can think more clearly and I can focus and concentrate more. I have a lot of goals that I need to be able to think clearly to achieve, and so I was wondering how to include these physical sensations in a model?

So far I have:

T: I am clear-minded.
F: Energised.
A: Focus deeply on work.
R: Work gets done and I achieve my goals.

Where does the physical sensation of feeling clear-minded and being able to concentrate fit into the model?

Thank you!