Emotions – pain

Hi Brooke and coaches,

I have learned about myself that I had been suppressing my emotions for years (the buffering was food). I have finally managed to lose the weight, and reached my dream body, but I realized now that it’s time to work on my emotional life because it’s the root of all problems.

Now that I discovered the SCS (I’m so grateful – life saving!!!!), and started applying the MODEL I have noticed improvements in my life, but I do feel pain (vibrations, chest pain, chocking pain, crying etc. – which last quite some time) when I experience the emotions. Even though I run the model in my head (or write it down if the circumstances allow me to), and change the thought and the result, I feel better; however, because it’s a strong emotion I end up crying. Sometimes I get into this situation at work, and I can control myself if I’m in the middle of my work, but as soon as I go on break, my thoughts start racing, I feel overwhelmed and I end up crying (hiding so nobody can see me).

My question is ” Is there a way I can postpone to feel the emotion, and is it ok to do so? Or do we have to experience the emotion right away? Like today, for example, when this happened, I immediately did a MODEL, journaled and did tear up a bit. To distract myself from crying I started listening to your podcast on “Feeling our emotions”, and decided to send in this question. Is this considered buffering?

Thank you so much for helping us go through this.