Emotions triggering Cortisol

Hi Brooke,

My cortisol levels are high and I experience adrenal fatigue to the point where my immune system is shot. I know this stressed is caused by my thoughts. It’s usually around work, what others will think of me, and my lack of confidence in my ability to deliver amazing results to my clients. I have a lot of negative and scarcity self talk around this. I’ve been working on my thoughts every day to change this and it’s gotten better however I still find myself on edge after a successful day. I try to fuel my work from a place of excitement but notice it bleeds into anxiety right before I do something scary. Those two emotions are so similar I wonder if I’m using all my cortisol on both because I can barely tell the difference. Do you have any experience with emotions triggering cortisol and what are some ways I can channel negative emotions to positive ones? Or should I just focus on my thought work until I can come from a genuine place of confidence and ease into my job? Also, would feeling my feelings all the way help with my cortisol level? I think I already do this but maybe I could use a 2.0.