Hello Brooke,
I have a crazy thought here. You mentioned how no one ever teaches us how to feel our emotions and how to deal with them. I agree. I have the opportunity to work with kids on this skill. I am a speech therapist in the school system and I work on feelings/emotions with mostly autistic kids. I sit in all these meetings where we talk about kids with all of these emotional problems that are typically developing kids such as crying with any challenge, hitting their head on the table when he can’t figure things out, blowing up and throwing papers away because he doesn’t “feel” like doing the paper, etc.. So my thought is “why not teach them how to feel and deal with their feelings at a young age?” Would you recommend this? Can you help me with this? Where do I begin? I am super motivated to do this and may try to figure it out if you are unable to/don’t want to.
Thanks for any help that you can give me!