Employee Not Following Directions

I currently have a manufacturing business with my husband. We hired a shop floor supervisor a year ago to be the “go between” for my husband and the machinists.

My husband is not a good communicator, gets frustrated very easily and yells at the employees.

We chose to hire a supervisor to “manage” the employees on the floor. His job is to communicate with my husband about any issues that arise as well as schedule the jobs and inspect parts. He is not a machinist, not does he have a machining background.

We have communicated with him on several occasions that if there is any machining issue with a job, he is to advise my husband. He is not doing that and is making machining decisions. We just had another incident were he did not communicate with my husband. He says he agrees that he should have advised him.

When this happens I become very angry. I am trying to figure out how to put an issue like this into a model so I can handle it better. I feel like I am taking on a victim mental with these situations. I almost don’t know how I should feel. I know we can’t control other people’s actions. I just want to feel better in the way I am handling myself in the situation. When I discipline him, I feel like a “bad guy”. I think it is because of the way I am thinking at the time. Help! I need to take care of the way I feel so I can actually take care of the situation.