Employee problem part 2

Everyone is right .
Mathis has the right to expect accurate work. She keeps our office running efficiently and expects things to be done right the first time. She can bring problems to her coworkers to fix it. In the long run, the number of problems lessen as people are held responsible for their work.
Brandy, is super stressed with her husband having Colon cancer (43). She needs to be treated with kid gloves.she needs a coworker that can be tactful and be sensitive to her needs. Her personality has clashed with Mathis. It would be best if she was in ancillary role instead of the lead nurse. Not everyone likes Mathis, I know her and love her.
The office manager was right. She was sensitive to both Mathis and Brandy. She did not get into specifics. She did not let it become a he said , she said discussion. She realized that the work environment was not good for either of them. She moved Brandy to a less critical role . She told Mathis that they had personalities that where just not compatible and that Brandy was super sensitive and took what she said wrong. She assured Mathis that how Brandy interpreted her was not how Mathis intended it and that her (Mathis ) was correct in expecting satisfactory work from her coworker.
So in the end, things happened just as they should have happened 🙂
I feel so much better. No detective work needed to solve this mystery. Everyone gets to play themselves in this game of life!!!!