Employee Quit Without Notice and Blamed Me

This seems to be my week with employee stuff. I had to put an employee on progressive discipline because she was not meeting the expectations I and my Clinic Manager set with her regarding her job, despite several meetings and a written protocol. I came in today to an email stating she was resigning and it was because of me and the work environment. Intellectually I know I did everything correctly, but that little nagging voice is telling me I was too “harsh”, etc.


C J quit, stated it was because of me
T I am completely incompetent
F Dejected
A Lose faith in my decisions
R I let the clinical coordinator hire the new surgical scheduler

C J quit, stated it was because of me
T I am confident in my actions
F Stable , Confident
A Interview replacement candidates, do my due diligence
R I make the choice I feel is best based on the information I have