I did a yearly review this morning and gave the employee a 5% raise. She has been here 6 years. There was one year where her raise was that she didn’t get fired, due to tons of errors made during that year. I increased her vacation accrual per pay as well. I think this raise was more than fair given her performance and given the current conditions of the market here (we are one of the top payers around). The corporate hospitals give around 2% and many of the other private practice offices don’t even offer health insurance and average .50 raises if that. We also have excellent insurance, a 401k with profit sharing and consistent salary increases here. Her rent recently went up exponentially; however, I can’t let that factor into my decision as to her raise. I have 31 employees and everyone has a story. Here is my model so far:

C: B said “I thought my raise would have been bigger”
T: She is so ungrateful
F: Angry
A: Stew, complain to my assistant manager, text my husband, argue with her in my mind, think about calling her back into the office to find out what she thinks she should have received, think about ways to make her quit, think about how next year she won’t even get 3%, continue to ruminate
R ?? I’m ungrateful to myself?