Employees During a Pandemic

I am in a similar situation as the other poster. I’m also in the medical field (not in the front lines) but our office hasn’t been ordered to close and we are still seeing patients on a lighter schedule and are still operating on fractures and seeing chronic pain patients, patients needing physical therapy and postoperative patients. I’ve taken precautions and we are screening visitors and callers and sanitizing everything. One of the employees has been very vocal about the situation. She’s been counseled previously regarding attitudinal issues and was given a few chances to improve this. I’m totally taking responsibility for this because instead of firing her I’ve taken the “Devil you know” stance because the job is sometimes difficult, and she does have good qualities. I’m trying to give everyone, including myself, more grace during this time and am really doing the work not to overreact or react without thinking when it comes to all of them. I honestly don’t want to waste the brain juice on this right now and want to deal with it later. I also know that no matter what I do someone is going to hate it.

C J said “we should be closed”
T She has a bad attitude
F Agitated
A Complain to my friend and husband, avoid her, replace her in my mind, look for issues in her performance, ride her if she makes a mistake
R I have a bad attitude

C J said “we should be closed”
T She is entitled to think whatever she wants
F Accepting
A Inform all staff that they are not obligated to come to work if they feel scared about the situation, decide to table all disciplinary discussions until the situation has calmed down, allow myself to be agitated and stressed sometimes, formulate a post-pandemic employee strategy, make a final decision about replacing her by the end of the week , stop wishing they all were different, stop wishing I was different
R I think whatever I want ??

Not sure about R #2