Enacting and making it stick with your new thought pattern – How best to accomplish this

I am currently working on changing a thought from a negative to a positive. My specific work is that I want to rid myself of the thought that I am not enough and build a new thought and feeling about “I am love, I am joy and good enough and I love myself and have self love” develop as a result of that thought. I want to feel love for myself and feel worthy in relationship to others. For this is where the negative thought that I am not enough effects me the most.

What practice can I do daily, besides writing the model down with maybe the same or slightly different thought could I do to change my patterning and belief so that I have truly lasting results and self love that will actualize. I want to know that over time doing a certain practice that I will actually start to believe and know in my bones that I am truly enough, lovable, worthy and awesome!