End of a Friendship

Hi there!

I had a friendship that ended about 5 years ago. I have done a lot of thought work around it over the years and have gotten to a much more positive place about why it happened and what I have learned since then as a result. However, it still brings up feelings of sadness. E.g. today, I ran into her at a coffee shop and we had a nice, friendly exchange. But afterwards, there was a cloud of sadness that I felt throughout the day. I think the thought was: “That’s too bad it had to end.” I don’t want to re-establish the friendship at the level that it was at; however, I still feel a lingering sadness and regret that lasts a few hours after I see her.

I’ve had romantic relationships that have ended and now I’m happily married and never think about them now in a negative or sad way. Why do I still have a negative thought around this relationship ending? It’s not like I don’t have other friends.
C: Friendship ended
T: It’s too bad it turned out that way
F: Sadness
A: Sulk and relive past for a few hours
R: Friendship ended and feeling sad
C: Friendship ended
T: It ended exactly as it should have (but I don’t believe this…)
F: No regrets, neutral? (lol but I heard on the other live coaching call that “neutral” is not a good description for a feeling)
A: See her and then move on with my day
R: Ok that the friendship ended?