Ending a marriage?

Dear Brooke,

Oh my friend, I am in the thick of it now. I am choosing to think that it is common for your clients that once they stop buffering and clean up their thinking they find that there are big challenges waiting for them in their life.

I am a stay at home mom with 4 children, ages 3-11. My husband and I may choose to end our marriage. Because I am afraid of what is on the other side, I am holding on more tightly to remaining married than he is (I think).

I don’t know how long this season of uncertainty will be. The result I want to is to stay my non-buffering self.

Can you please offer any wisdom on my models below? How do I allow big negative emotions appropriate to the situation without returning to overeating? How do I not get lost in those negative emotions and not be the loving mom that I want to be? How do I be loving to my husband without feeling like I am in denial?


C: We may choose to end our marriage.
T: This will ruin my life.
F: Angry, resentful, afraid.
A: Withdraw and/or be nasty.
R: I am not me.

C: We may choose to end our marriage.
T: If we end our marriage, there will be changes and there will be challenges to solve in the future – finances, kids, job for me.
F: Uncertainty. Anxiety. Fear.
A: Be deliberate every day. Today, I am a mom of 4 young children. I want to be loving.
R: I am me.