Ending a relationship??

Hi Brooke! I think I want to end the relationship I’m in. This would mean asking the man who lives with me to move out. But a) I’m afraid of not having the extra income. b) I’m afraid of being alone. c) I don’t want to be the bad guy who kicks out this man.

These are all not good reasons for me to stay in a relationship I find unfulfilling and flat. After being in Scholars for a while, I also keep telling myself I’m “supposed” to be able to find fulfillment with him, especially before I end things.

But really, he just annoys me and I’m tired of him living here while I work and take care of most of the big stuff myself. He’s a sweet man in some ways, but increasingly all I want to do is escape. And this is my house!

I have no idea how to begin working through this. Any help much appreciated!?!