Ending friendships

I have a few women I’m close friends with. For over a decade, we’ve spoken daily, traveled together etc. We’ve always gotten along so well that I never bothered to make close friends outside of them. Then I started working and things changed—and I suspect that what changed is me. Two of three tend to lecture and advise me anytime I say anything, to the extent that I’ve just stopped telling them things. For instance, I had a bizarre incident at the airport in Feb when a woman rammed into me from behind and called me a racial slur…and one of these women responded by criticizing me for standing in the line I was in and explaining how I’d messed up. One of them is openly hostile whenever anyone asks about my job (she’ll roll her eyes, sigh loudly and pull out her phone). I know I can say “man (or woman) says words” as the C line, but that does not change the fact that I no longer want to tell them anything or talk to them. So I’m wondering when it’s okay, from a SCS perspective, to move on from a friendship, and how to deal with my fear that if I end this friendship, I won’t have anyone to talk to.