Energy vs Time

Dear Coaches,
I had an interesting insight while doing the April homework. I think that I frequently have enough time to do what I need to do but not enough energy or the right type of energy. My thoughts are along the lines of I’m too tired to concentrate on something that requires mental effort. Or I’m too wound up to sit still and focus. Or I’m too tired to do something physical like clean out the closet. I also realized that I use food and drinks to manage my energy – give me a boost when I’m tired or to wind down at night. So I’m wondering if the physical sensations I feel are actually emotions and that I need to manage my mind rather than my energy. Does this make sense? I started a model but I’m not sure if I’m on the right track here.

C: Take boxes from closet to garage is on my calendar
T: I don’t have enough energy to carry them right now
F: Tired
A: Make coffee, have a snack, relax (which I realize is actually buffering with netflix)
R: Waiting to feel energized before I take action

C: Same
T: ?
F: motivated? energized?
A: Carry the boxes to the garage anyway
R: ?