energy work and empaths

Hi there,

I come from a “woo” background, and I know Brooke does too, so I’m just trying to understand her concept of: “we don’t feel other people’s pain. We feel OUR pain.”

This makes sense to me in the sense of vibrations.

Like: someone is sitting next to me. I pick up on a vibration they are emanating, let’s say it’s embarrassment.

I don’t *feel* their embarrassment, but I feel the way their energy shifts when *they* feel embarrassed, and then I have a thought about it, and I make it mean something positive or negative.

Also along those lines: I’ve been trying to understand this concept with studies that have been done when a large group of people in a big city meditated for a period of time and the crime rates went down, for instance.

I’m trying to understand how: we can’t feel another’s feelings, but certainly, we are within a globe where another’s vibration can affect us, as given in the previous examples?

Would love to know your thoughts / how the idea of energy work (an energy work practitioner, and even someone who labels herself as an empath) lines up with Brooke’s teachings.

Thank you!!