Energy Work


So I injured the top of my foot by dropping something on it barefooted and have compounded it by kickboxing, running in sand stairs yada yada. I booted it and took a week off of work so it could heal. My mother is a holistic healer, massage therapist. I don’t acquire her services for myself because I feel it’s to close for her to do work on me. She asked this morning if she could work on my foot and spend the morning with me. I agreed. She didn’t touch my foot at all and did energy work with a crystal wand pulling bad energy out of me and also asking questions while she was working on me. It was pretty interesting to say the least. It was all about emotions and how I suppress them. She would say ok so and so (person) is setting right here in your belly that then travels down to your leg and made you foot weak. Now what is the first emotion about them that pops up? It can be good or bad it doesn’t matter. This is all in your subconscious mind so you might not have any idea why they are causing this turmoil inside of you. Ummm I don’t have an emotion that pops up about them. See that’s what I’m talking about you suppress your emotions. 😳but she had just said I might not subconscious even know they are in there so how would I suppress the emotion if I didn’t know they are there. To say the least I need help. I let her do her deal and told her thing but what does it mean to suppress my emotion? I asked her and she said it’s by not allowing myself to cry or get screaming angry. My mom’s side of the family is very loud screamers, yellers, explosive people. And it’s not out of anger necessary they just don’t know any other volume. I don’t express anything loudly.

What I need help with is how do I know if I’m suppressing emotions? I feel I’m doing good at allowing my emotions. I have quit smoking a pack a day, I bought out my business partner this last year, I’m making goals and reaching them all though SCS. I’ve gone off anixety and depression meds. Maybe it’s time to do work on the mother daughter relationship because it did hit a trigger that I dont use her for self-help and the one time I do it felt like she cut down all that I’ve worked on. But if I’ve worked so hard on myself how did I allow her responses to trigger me? I think I have a core belief about mothers. Maybe I should schedule this with a weekly coaching session?

Thanks much