Enough Already With Self-Improvement

I remember the evening I found about Self-Coaching Scholars.
It was a month after I departed from a non-refundable $1,000 for a program that promised me I will lose all my weight for good.
30 days into it, I realized it was just another one I will try in a series of many.

And then the Gods of Google revealed you to me. And your work made sense in the most mind-blowing way from the moment I dived in. And everything about what you offer and HOW you offer it had made me realize I finally found the key to the universe and my lifetime happiness.

I am now almost a year with you as a scholar and learned so much, I am in awe of how lucky I am to have found you and to be able to afford working with you.

What I also noticed is that I realized how many tremendous coaches and ideas explained and lessons there are there, some of which you cover on your podcasts of the best teachers you had, which lead me to search for what they write, say and teach, but it’s also so time-consuming and after a certain point, it has, I think, a diminishing return.

There are days in which I want to unsubscribe from all those Podcasts and YouTube channels and newsletters and narrow it down to just SCS, but then I remember that what if I had said this same thing, the moment before I found SCS and I would never have the transformation I had the past year?

That Screenwriter