Enough Money

Deep down I believe we don’t have enough money. I know it’s not true but it feels so believable. I want to get to a place of abundance and feeling like we have more than enough.


C Belief of money “we have more than enough money”
T that’s a lie, we do not have enough
F nervous
A budget, forecast money, look at spending and saving to see if we have enough. Don’t be present in my life with family, taking care of their needs and mine, don’t plan my life.
R ? I lie to myself?


C belief of money “we have more than enough”
T of course we have more than enough
F certain
A thinking about everything we have that is not a “need” and how we have the money to provide for our family, think about the extra money sitting in my accounts the extra credit we have access too. Get on with my day planning for family, kids. Don’t waste time budgeting, fearing, worrying about the future or regretting the past decisions.
R I believe and create a life where we have more than enough?

Thoughts on these models would be great. Thank you