How do you Entertain? No Sugar, No Flour makes for unhappy guests :)

Hi Brooke,
I have seen amazing results with weight loss without really trying by eliminating sugar (my trigger) and flour and it has changed the way I shop and look at food. That is not the way I use to entertain. I have a few houseguests that will be joining me throughout the month of August and I’m getting stuck on the menu. First, I’m out of the habit of having a lot of food around me and definitely no dessert. It’s one thing not having wine in a restaurant and different when it’s an intimate group of friends and you are hosting. As you had mentioned, it can not be fun when everyone is getting relaxed with some wine and you are not. So, I do hear you say ” So What” and watch what I’m thinking but it’s much easy to do this in restaurants. I get it, even as I write this. It will be all about what I’m thinking as I prepare for my friends and houseguests. And, I’m having friends so I can enjoy them. I think it’s also a test for me to see if I can honor myself and stay on course with no sugar and no flour when I’m in these situations and not alone, when it’s easier for me.