Entire thought download is negative


Every time I do a thought download and separate out the facts, all that’s left is 100% “negative” thoughts…even when I feel great!

I understand that these thoughts are just thoughts and I’m pretty good at just observing them (mostly) and choosing which ones to work on/replace, but I’ve been at it for a couple of months and I’m wondering what this seeming lack of progress in my TDLs means.

I have a feeling you are going to say that it doesn’t mean anything unless I choose to make it mean something, so I’m trying not to. And I hear positive thoughts in my head sometimes, but they never make it onto the page.

I have always wanted to be a more positive person and I just want to see some evidence of growth. Should I intentionally write some “positive” thoughts that are obvious, like “I love my children” just for practice/habit?

Maybe I’m making more out of it than is necessary. ???