Entitled about college funding

I have a very long model here, and I was wondering if someone could review it and help me determine which result best fits it. I listed several, but it might be more beneficial to me to have one or two main ones. Any other guidance would also be helpful. Thanks coaches!!

C: Paying for my college education
T: I shouldn’t have had to pay for college myself.
F: Entitled

A: Get mad at my parents for losing all their money to bankruptcy at the perfectly convenient time of my college education needing paid for
A: Blame my parents for my current net worth (or lack thereof)
A: Argue with reality every month when my student loan payment comes out of my account
A: Wait for something or someone to swoop in and pay it off for me (e.g. my parents, my boyfriend, a random miracle that falls out of the sky)
A: I consider all the time I spent figuring out financial aid and struggling to qualify and search for and get a student loan wasted time and effort
A: I dwell on how my college experience would have been different and/or better if I didn’t have to pay for it and wasn’t so broke then and now
A: Allow myself to be the victim to my “asshole parents who never helped me”
A: Ignore and downplay the times they actually did help me financially or otherwise
A: I wish for things to have been different
A: Blame my parents or the fact that I did have to pay for college myself the reason I didn’t go to the school I wanted, the reason I didn’t get a good paying job handed to me right out of college, or not as good of internships during college, and a low savings acct balance after college
A: Blame my parents for my own lack of results (as if they really even had control to begin with)
A: Lust after my peers lives who didn’t have to pay it themselves, had a parent pay it for them, got a full ride scholarship, or had plenty of money themselves to pay it instead of scraping by
A: Insult the people who didn’t “have to pay for it”/the ones who had their “daddy pay for everything”
A: Attempt to overcompensate with pride by saying things like “Yeah, I’m awesome, I paid for college all by myself” But internally, I don’t believe that
A: Tell my sob story to anyone who will listen
A: Drawn to/connect more with the people who sympathize with me/jump in the pool with me
A: I reject the idea that I had anything to do with these “negative” results/my negative college experience
A: I disconnect from my parents because I don’t want to “get close to someone who ruined all my chances of success”
A: I don’t pay extra payments on my loan/don’t pay it off

R: I argue with reality and the facts of what actually happened + I lose the argument.
R: I don’t enjoy my college experience (through the stories I tell about it now).
R: I show up like a bratty child in emotional childhood.
R: I don’t show up in the way I’d like to.
R: I don’t own/take responsibility for my own results.
R: I’m the victim to the all the results I created for myself.
R: I still have a balance on my student loan.