Entrepreneur idea

I have watched all your entrepreneur videos. I decided that my target market is fellow crocheters that want to make their crochet stuff a business, or get their business to the place where it actually earns money. That is the problem that needs to be fixed. I never had serious success with selling my stuff, probably better than most, but nothing “boastworthy” Haha. So should I start out opening an etsy and selling on fb and at craft fairs so I can figure out how and have some credibility? Because then my target market would be different and everything would be different. I don’t like the selling part of crocheting and haven’t done a craft fair in years because we didn’t need the money, but I have kept crocheting and would just casually sell on my fb or give as gifts and things. So I don’t have much recent exposure or experience (as in the last 3 years).