Entrepreneur or Coach?

Hi! I am a Diamond member and have learned so much through this program. I am 52 years old and run a small business with my husband and several employees. Here is my issue. Our business is reasonably successful but I am not sure my heart has ever been in it fully. My husband had the idea and started the business in 2008/2009 during the banking crisis and desperately needed my help at the time which I was (mostly) glad to do but the subject of the business-mechanics, fuel, environmental issues are not my forte. Science were by far my worst classes in school. I am in charge of sales and marketing now instead of day to day operations. I would love to start a business as a life coach but I wonder if I am running away. People tend to naturally tell me their problems and it seems so much more of my natural personality. My husband would like me to stay. I am undecided. Thanks!