Entrepreneurship, full time job and waves of negative emotion

Hi Brooke. My question is about the negative wave of emotions I am feeling lately with my business, not really with the business aspect of it.

I have a full time job and only return phone calls and emails during my lunch time or after 5:30pm when I am not at work. I see all my clients during the weekends only. Well today I received a voicemail around 10am to schedule a session for a new client (dog photography). And I feel excited for about 10 seconds and then this giant wave of negative emotion comes over me. I feel like a fraud because I can’t provide good customer services in the sense of being more available. Additionally today is Monday and the message had an urgency to it. So I feel even more inadequate because I have to tell this prospective client that I will not be available for another 5 days.

Well, to validate my negative emotion the client is not available this weekend and does not want to wait until the following weekend. Fair enough.

My question is, how something so positive like growing my business and people learning about my services automatically surfaces so many negative emotions?

Thank you!