Entrpreneurial program

Hi Brooke. I am in the process of atarting a new business. I am veterinarian for the last 24 years but feel a higher calling after my 4 year battle fo my life hurricane divorce and self evolution. I have a lot of good advice to share. I want to coach and consult with people going through separtion and divorce from a challenging opponent ( spexifically a personality dosrederd insividual). I know that i can evolve them from door matt to fierce litigant.

Here are my questions:
I am working on a website as my seoptember goal. Do you think i should first do the 6 ssteps that you talk bout in the formul for value creation video? Would this be my proogram for my clents? Do i reveal this on the website?

I also want to coach people going through medical challenges like cancer and consult to help them make good decisions Nd medically advocate for themsaelves. Is it too unconstrained to have 2 programs offered.

If this is too complicated to answer in this forum i would be happy to have a coaching session

Many thanks,