Hi Brooke,

I am struggling with feelings of envy. I don’t like this about myself and have tried doing work on myself to challenge these thoughts. I have ill health and spend a lot of time in bed ill. I do have good days and so try and focus on that when I am feeling unwell. I am working on acceptance, that this is just the way it is for me, and I am now making a change on how I feel about this, because I don’t want to suffer mentally anymore, in addition to my physical health. I do notice that I feel envious when other people have good health, and can work full time, earn good money, go travelling/holidays etc. (Not that I don’t want them to have that, but I want that for myself). I can hear you say but your ill health does not stop you doing these things. However it does limit my ability to do these things. And I know all people have 50% Ass too. I can’t help believe that some peoples 50% ass is worse than others. I know there are a lot of people out there who definitely have a worse situation than my own (in my perspective). It is something that seems to keep coming up for me, especially on my really bad days. I find it is much harder to do this work when I am totally exhausted and ill. I guess you are going to say, working on allowing more? Any other advice?

Thanks xx