We envision different futures

My partner wants to move to a new country, more specifically, to a city that only “works for me” during high season (2 months per year) the rest of the year is like ghost town (very few people live there for the whole year) and winters are colder there.

I want to stay or move to a place where both of us are happy. He sees it as the only option because his family already owns a house in the new city and the new city is “close” to the place where we live (1 hour by plane, 4 hours by boat, 8/9 hours by car) so he can come to the city where we live once per month to supervise one of his ventures. He has now started a new one in the new city knowing that I don’t want to live there. I love him and our relationship is great but this thing is breaking us apart as he wants to live in the new city and raise our family there (our future children) with this new lifestyle away from the crowd, in a very peaceful setting, close to the beach but with very few residents.

On the other hand, I’m very sociable and love to be around people (although I enjoy my quiet moments and being alone) but going to this new city feels like getting into the cave with so few options of places where to go and things to do and limited working options. As an intermediate option, I told him I was willing to move to the new city for 4/5 months per year (as we both work independently we can do this) and the rest in our current city plus we could go sporadically to the new city during the other months.

I have already tried to live there and didn’t like it, specially during the winter months. I feel I’m always adapting and being flexible whereas he is fixed on his idea. I feel this is putting our relationship at risk. Any advice on how to fix this or any intermediate option to reconcile both points of view?