EPIC FAIL ON MY EATING PROTOCOL, but I learn I dont know as well as I thought – YF

I have been following my protocol for almost 2 weeks now, is very simple: to meals a day I usually cook at night what I will eat next day for lunch and I have a pre-packed salad for dinner.
Have been working great , already lost 7 lbs, but what’s better is that I can be with myself and not drive myself crazy and full of anxiety about “I’m hungry I need to eat” self-talk.

But I was going to a show last night with my sister and couple days before I had planned that I was going to have a salad before leaving my house so I wouldn’t be hungry and just have water all night.
So we go I wasn’t hungry but my sister was. So we get to the place, she wants to eat sushi, I’m like I’m ok I’m not hungry I will seat there and do not eat.

I went to the restroom, I come back there are 2 places of sushi rolls ( with salmon.. my favorite) and gyosa… I ate 3 pieces of the sushi and 2 or 3 gyosas… But the crazy part is that it was all like a BIG BLUR.. I couldn’t believe how fast I ate them; it was like my primitive brain rushing with the food before I could even realize what I was doing… I feel so bad!! I seriously can believe that I try to remember how much I ate I just can’t, it like if some else did it, or an invisible force me to.

Yesterday morning I was so proud of my-self for sticking to the protocol for 2 weeks and loosing 7 lbs, which is HUGE, since I have been gaining weight like its my job! But today even tho I didn’t gain any weight I am thinking on what I stop loosing because I let my brain unsupervised.

Also as I was thinking episode 198 and hearing Jeff talk about not being a people-pleaser , I realized that is exactly what I did last night, what Is fascinating is that I have never consider myself as a people-pleaser SO…I just discover I don’t know myself as good as I thought I did…wow ( mind blowing discovery)

Now I know for sure (totally convinced ) how much work I need to do here in self coaching scholars, I want to achieve my impossible goal of losing 100 lbs before 12/31/2018 and Im all In!!!.