Epic Fails, Expectations When I Provide Value

As part of the work I am doing to promote my books and speaking, I send out numerous requests to people to ask about being on their podcast and to ask for reviews. I have either done free workshops for their organizations or provided them with a free digital copy and ( currently a paperback version of my newest workbook). I have successfully been on 6 podcasts and have delivered 3 ( hour long) workshops to Caregiver Support groups. Although the feedback has been FANTASTIC, and I’ve had some success in getting them to post reviews on Amazon,

I am struggling with 3 thoughts:
1) It’s really rude for someone who’s received Great value ( ie workshop for which they received income) to not respond to 3 different emails asking for an Amazon review in return.
2) Is it an epic fail if I send out emails and pitches and hear NOTHING in return? Do I at least get to credit that to myself?
3) I put a lot of energy into things that don’t get immediate results ( ie email and phone requests)– but I am not responsible for whether or not they respond.