Epic Fails Question

Hi Brooke I have a question about the Impossible Goal Q2 Check In. December was my 2nd month in SCS and I admit I was still trying to figure things out. I had a hard time committing to picking one Impossible Goal so I picked two. I’m sure you know that didn’t work so well. I’m now on track with my one goal and it’s to weigh 148 lbs which at 5’8 and 61 years old is 8 pounds lower than my high school weight. I’ve never been massively overweight I’ve always yo-yo’d up and down between 174 and 164. At 174 an alarm seems to goes off in my head and I do something drastic to lose the weight. I got down to my lowest adult weight about 5 years ago @ 155 lbs but didn’t stay there long. My question is how do I figure out 25 things to fail at when it comes to losing weight? Not sure what approach to take all the things I’m coming up with would sabotage my weight loss and cause me to go off protocol. I’m 17 lbs from my goal.