^epic fails

Thank you for your 5 epic fails a week idea, which I came across just now, can’t remember where.
It has bolstered my spirits. I’m telling myself each day as I start my new business that failure, discomfort, fear and initial incompetence are just part of the road. At least I’ve gone from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence.

But I am self-sabotaging energetically. I’m quite good at this. At present I have an ear infection, so I cant swim, a knee injury so I cant run. On Tuesday I had my first promo event – filled my pockets with business cards, spoke to no-one. On Monday I knocked a glass of water over on my laptop and killed the hard drive. Lost my scholars homework files. Lost my Facebook ad work. Having nightmares with the issues that are surfacing as a result of homework. I’m not sticking to my carefully prepared weekly schedule and I’m only able to resist small puny urges, some of the time.

Fear – tick. Failure – tick. Discomfort – tick. Urges – tick. Frustration – tick.

I confess it IS hard when starting Scholars and starting a business not to be overwhelmed with the challenges.

I think 5 epic fails a week is achievable though. I can definitely do that.

I dont have a question – I already know what I am supposed to be doing.
thx for the teaching.