Holy cow, Brooke, thank you for this month. I just realized I’ve always felt flawed and awkward when it comes to relationships. I have all these great people in my life and I always felt I wasn’t doing well with them despite trying my best. Doing a model and applying the information in the homework workbook to this idea (though I’ve been in SCS since January), I really realized for the first time that I can experience beautiful, wonderful, great feelings by thinking positive thoughts about others. That my actions when I do this include expressing and radiating delight in others naturally, which causes others to think positive thoughts about me, and then we both feel joy and connection about each other. I knew it intellectually, but just got it. I don’t think any amount of therapy could have broken this down for me. Thank God I have the rest of my life to practice this. It really makes all other problems disintegrate. I’m crying. It means I can stop fretting and everything will be alright. Truly, this is the best news. You are doing good, important work here, Brooke. You are having a positive impact. Thank you. This is life changing.