Epiphany about 50% negative….I think

Ive been in SCS for 11 months and it finally hit me when i was doing Podcast #175 homework. Just checking to see if I grasp it.
Negativity is always there. You cannot “improve yourself” out of it. But the big difference between before and after this work is that what does go away is all the BS wrapped around the negative. So for instance, before learning model and SCS, I had to fire someone at work. Leading up to that was worry, sleepless nights, agitation, overeating in search of comfort. Now, 11 months in, i would do a model, write down my points to discuss, schedule the meeting ASAP and be done.
Negative is still there, but the angst and cake surrounding the negative situation are gone, and THAT is what makes the negative easier.
Does that make sense?