Episode 166- Difficult Conversations

Thank you Brooke for this episode !!! I honestly was just thinking about this and was thinking about how difficult conversations come up in many of our connections; connections with family, friends, coworkers, and supervisors. I’ve witnessed difficult conversations that have resulted in my relatives not talking to one another for years as well as at work when the next day our team is informed that a coworker, who was part of a difficult conversation the day prior, is no longer with us. So I definitely feel more at ease with the way you’ve laid out how to approach and handle difficult situations.

A few questions came to mind though. What should we do when the other person doesn’t want to talk about a problem, do we just let them walk away ? What should we do if no one can agree on a solution, try both solutions or a derivative of both solutions ? Lastly, do you have any beliefs that would best serve us so that the likelihood of connections dettering is lower? For instance,going back to the lessons on money, I had the belief that time and effort equated money and it was so eye opening when I heard that value equates to money !