Error in work = self loathing

Hi Brooke and coaches. I think I need some help with a little self compassion? Originally I had planned to ask you all for some love. But maybe I need coaching on how to make it for myself. Here’s the story: I gave a big presentation I had written about earlier on Ask Brooke, and I did a great job! I’m very proud of myself for calendaring and preparing and choosing not to let the anticipation or overwhelm take over my life leading up to the event. I really had my own back and delivered fur my audience and myself. Yay. The next day, I had an article publish that I had also calendared for, showed up for and focused on in the preceding weeks. It was on a subject about which I care deeply. I had fact checked the article, and had triple checked with sources. Then, once published, an outside expert pointed out an error that needed correcting. It was crushing. (Or, I guess I should say I felt crushed. Or chose to feel crushed?) Anyway, there is now a corrected version online with a note about the error, which, in my field, is not something one wants to put as a show piece in a portfolio, for example.

So I think I need help on an intentional model or a bridge model to get out of my self loathing.

Here are some unintentional ones.
C Article has error, now has correction on it
T I worked so hard and have nothing to show for it because the correction mars the whole piece.
F crushed, ashamed, embarrassed
A Catastrophize about my worth, my ability, don’t promote article
R stay in head of self loathing

T The presentation success is canceled out by this mistake
F Same as above
A Same as above
R Hate self

T I am not good at anything and never will be
F Same as above
A Same as above
R Same as above

I even had the thought that I will never find anything I’m good at and might as well die. Though, I was able to talk myself out of that one.

I’m trying not to let these thoughts and feelings consume me. But maybe I should? A friend suggested Iook to writers I admire and ask myself if it’s possible they have made mistakes. I feel like that doesn’t help because I wanted this piece to reflect the care and attention I put into it. Help?