Error Thoughts Aren’t Error

I am fairly new here and watched the program for stop overeating.

After listening to Brooke’s podcast for the last year and been a scholar for six months, I have a much better understanding for biased thoughts of my lower brain in certain situations, where it prefers to convince me to overeat, do less work, and hide.

What I don’t understand is the concept that Brooke talks about when she asks us to make a list of error thoughts and focus thoughts.

On one hand, she says the urges are not a mistake and are not NOT supposed to be there.

They are exactly what my brain is supposed to think. They mean that my brain works perfectly. They mean everything is just right.

So, the term error thoughts don’t help me when I label urges as errors, because my brain tells me back – “No, there’s no error. I am supposed to want these foods. There’s no error here.”

Would you care to elaborate or give me an alternative term that will be more useful?