Essentialism and saying “no” to opportunities

Is there somewhere you might have elaborated on saying no to offers / opportunities that are fine on paper, but aren’t a “Hell, YES”?

I wonder how you deal with things that fall into your lap that you wouldn’t have sought out, that you *could* do (i.e. you have the skills/talent), but would take you away from your core focus, or simply what you had planned to do?

I’m about to turn down one such project — and I will — but I’m having brain chatter around not wanting to let people down when they’re people I like and respect, and might want/need to work with later down the line.

I read Essentialism and that’s super helpful, but I’d love to hear your perspective. I’m sure you’re inundated with requests from people wanting you to do stuff in pursuit of their own goals, and I wonder what your navigation system looks like for those situations.

Thank you!