Is this essentially the definition of laziness?

When answering the question “When you quit, what is the feeling your are seeking in that moment” I wrote: Relief. To let loose. Actually literally to let loose…

When I’m on my game I feel a pulled together-ness inside. A tightness in my core, but being pulled in and up. (May be important to note that it does not feel like a constriction inside clamping down.)

And when I quit/cheat I can feel everything release. Like instead of the energy being pulled in and up, the tension releases and spills outward a bit. The word that came to mind after I wrote that last thought is “LAZY.”

Is this laziness? I’ve never considered myself a lazy person, but maybe I am! Relatively speaking I’m not a lazy person, but I’m not interested in how I match up to the rest of the world.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Wrapping my mind around this may help fuel an important shift.

Thanks so much!!