Estimating the right amount of time to do things.

I love this time management work. I am so tired of being busy. I always have a giant to-do list. I love crossing things off so much that when I get something done that wasn’t on my list, I will write it in, just to cross it off! I am ready to step into the new version of myself that is calm, not busy, organized, not rushed and not overwhelmed. And I would love to throw that list away after scheduling my week, but I am not there yet:)

I struggle with figuring out how much time to allocate. I give myself one hour to do something, but it takes 1 1/2 hours, then I am either late to the next thing, or I stop and leave something unfinished. I add on more time than I think it will take, knowing how this goes, and I am still not succeeding in my plan.

I want to figure out how to be reasonable with what I can get done, how? What I am doing is not working. I work very hard and I am focused, but I continue to load too many things into an amount of time.

One more thing, when creating my weekly list and schedule, I ask myself, what massive action am I taking, and what am I doing to create revenue. And I focus on those things first. That feels really good. I used to do all the other stuff first and then never got to the massive action/revenue building part.

Thank you!