evaluation talk at work

Yesterday I received an outlook invitation for an evaluation talk at work. Normally it takes a long time to arrange it. You have to ask 20 times to have it. But now I received it out of the blue.
This only happens when something is not going as it is supposed to be because that’s how it works at my firm.

Since yesterday morning, I became concerned and stressed about it. I know I should not make it mean something about me, and it does not serve me to think about it like that. I would like to have an open mind about it, want to see it to speak up, and be open to what they will tell me. See it as a part of the process and a way to grow.

But what happens is that I go towards feeling sad and scared of being judged. I am scared of hearing; I cannot do what they want me to do. At the same time, I (just) started to believe it myself and working towards it.

Do you have any tips on how to go into this and to find a way to give it a place until the talk happens?